The College of Skills and Trades Victoria is the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that will be delivering your training program. We are here to provide you with all the support required to help you achieve your qualification.

The journey towards the achievement of the qualification involves developing your skills and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of your workplace role and occupation.


It is The College of Skills and Trades Victoria policy to enrol you once you have been provided with accurate and comprehensive information about the courses. The induction process and enrolment process is intended to provide an opportunity for both The college of Skills and Trades and yourself to exchange information. It is our aim to place all parties in a confident and informed position prior to the training program unfolding.

 Pre-Training Review

To ensure fair and equitable training and assessment, a pre-training review is conducted for each individual student. This is not a test, but simply a method to gather information on your Language, literacy and numeracy requirements, expectations of the training program, previous experience, current competency, as well as any special needs. Identification of your individual learning needs is an important step in providing you with appropriate support and making sure we train and assess you the way that best suits you.

Government Subsidised Training Places

Get Funding THE VICTORIAN TRAINING GUARANTEE The College of Skills and Trades Victoria is offering Victorian Government subsidised places to students under this program.

See our news page for eligibility details.

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